Men with Multiple Sclerosis

MS is a neurological condition that is multifocal. It can affect any area of the body and shows up differently in different people. There are lifestyle changes that must be addressed, if it comes to the point where a man with MS is paraplegic or quadriplegic, and the partner’s involvement is the most important.

There are lots of medical issues related to multiple sclerosis, and sexuality is one of those issues. Sexual problems can have an essential effect on quality of life. It is estimated that 50,000 Canadians have multiple sclerosis, and of that number, 20,000 are male. Erectile dysfunction is the most commonly reported sexual concern of guys with MS. Some studies suggest that up to three-quarters of men with MS experience ED. Over the course of the disease, these guys create a problem getting and maintaining an erection that’s adequate for sexual intercourse. As his wife and John understand sexuality requires attempt and communication by the couple to accommodate their sexual life. The Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada believes that healthy sexuality is an intrinsic part of life and supports all people with multiple sclerosis and their partners to speak with their doctors or other healthcare professionals. Fortunately, effective and safe remedies are available.

Why are men with multiple sclerosis prone to an increased rate of ED?

An erection in an able-bodied man requires interest and blood vessels hormones and nerves. Multiple sclerosis is a disease of the central nervous system and may damage the protective covering of the nerves of the brain and spinal cord. Based on the seriousness of the MS and location of the damage, there can be a substantial reduction or complete lack of messages being delivered from the brain . And this will cause erectile dysfunction. The concern, however, in a man with MS: damage to the myelin covering of nerves might lead to a reduction or loss of normal erectile function. He might also experience ED as a side effect of this medication if a patient is currently taking an medication for a erectile dysfunction.

How does MS affect generally?

Treating MS can help prevent the development of ED. But if a person with MS has ED already, there will probably be a worsening of symptoms during a spell of MS . Then some improvement after treatment. But the ED will last. When MS affects the parts of the system involving function, it can be a temporary problem since MS has remissions.

What ED treatments are best for your man currently living with MS and are there any precautions?

Your health care provider will suggest that any correctable cause of the ED be looked at first, such as medications medical conditions and lifestyle habits such as heavy smoking. But men with ED as a result of multiple sclerosis may require a treatment that is specific to restore satisfactory erections. Oral medicine is the least invasive and most convenient for guys with MS. It might work better in certain men with MS than others, depending on the disease. All of the other ED treatments are options for men with MS. These include: transurethral therapy, penile self-injection therapy, vacuum therapy and surgical implants. The man with MS can uss any treatment for ED . there are no contraindications.

Do functioning that is other affect?

While erection problems or erectile dysfunction is the most common sexual problem reported by men, other male sexual problems may also happen as a consequence of MS. These include sensory changes to the genitals and difficulty with ejaculation or reaching orgasm. Based on the MS, a person may suffer from two one or all of these. It is important for you and your spouse to understand that specific ED treatments delay and will not help diminished esophageal sensation, or an inability in reaching orgasm and ejaculation.